Knights Templar Tattoos Meaning

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Knights Templar Tattoos Meaning

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Would you like to get a Knights Templar Tattoo ? Among all the designs you've seen, you don't really know which one to choose ? Would you like to be 100% sure of the meaning of the Tattoo so that it perfectly matches your personality ? We've looked into it and will help you in your crucial choice !

When it comes to symbols that express honor and loyalty, there is no need to go further than the knight. These tattoos are frequently worn by men, generally in European countries.However, women can wear them too ! Knights Tattoos are not only available in Europe. With such an intense sign of positivity, they can be found anywhere in the world.These body arts have the possibility to be created in many ways and designated by divers elements. These body arts have the possibility to be created in many ways and designated by many details. There are many options to consider for the future Tattoo you will own.

They can express the knight with various weapons, signs and costumes.They need many details, they are mostly arranged to be extensive and to be positioned on the arm, chest or back.

1) Knights Templar Tattoo Symbolism

A. Qualities/Symbols of the Templar Tattoo

Here are the main meaning of the Knights Tattoos :

  • Honor
  • Loyalty
  • Respect
  • Bravery
  • Courage
  • Passion
  • Pride
  • Ready for war
  • Royalty
  • The nobility
  • Prosperity

From the round table to your body, the Knights Templar Tattoo is the one that will make a bold statement to those who wear this stoic symbol. When you speak of honor and loyalty, the Knight is perhaps one of the most representative symbols you can have inked on your body.

B. The Knights Templar Tattoos and their History

The Tattoo of the Knights Templar can be represented in many ways. It can be a real Knight tattooed on your body, armor inked on your skin or even a symbol such as the Templar Cross. It can be characterized in many various approaches. For example, a knight's weapon or certain symbols that represent a nationality or kingdom.
In this article, we will talk about what a knight is and the meaning of the Knight Tattoo. So, when you ask your tattoo artist for this knight tattoo, you will know more about its meaning than your artist.

A monarch or political leader could grant the honorary title of knighthood to a person for his or her services to the monarch. This was usually a military function, but the honor was awarded for other reasons. Knighthood was seen as a lower class of nobility in the High Middle Ages. In the High Middle Ages, Knighthood was identified as an inferior class of greatness. The grade of knighthood was associated to qualities of chivalry, which established a code of conduct for the knights in the Late Middle Ages. Knights were usually paid in landed equity that fought for a lord. These lords relied on warriors on horseback.

Knights Templar Tattoo

From an early age, male children began to learn the art of the sword. In some cases, you could knight a boy who wasn't of noble blood.In the Middle Ages, crusaders were identified with horseback riding and fighting on horseback from the 12th to 15th centuries. The sport of jousting was further relating to the Knights by reason of their skills on horseback.

Nonetheless, progressively, the knight's position in armor swapped. In the Late Middle Ages, recent process of warfare rendered the classic crusader archaic. Crusaders were a symbol of what power, dignity, purity and bravery looked like in feudal times. Being a knight was one of the highest honors that could be bestowed on a person and therefore a dream for all young men and women throughout the ages.At the end of the Middle Ages, the recent war process has made the classical crusader archaic. Crusaders were a symbol of what power, dignity, purity and bravery looked like in feudal times. For young men and women all over the ages, become a knight was one of the most prestige that could be conferred upon a person. It is not rare that population requested this image to be placed on their person.

C. The Knight's Honor

What's the real definition of a Knight ? It’s a soldier in a heavy armor. His duty ? Serve his lord or king. Knights are generally, but not always, of noble birth. If the position permits, a boy who is not of noble blood can grow into a Knight. Young boys began to learn the use of the sword at an early age. They also helped with household chores in the castle.

When a boy was qualified, he was appointed to a master knight, who was responsible for teaching him all the skills needed to become a full-fledged knight. In counterparts, the boy was in charge of wipe down armor, weapons and doing whatsoever the master desired.

A knight could complete the best level of honor and respect (or the reversed). It was with the supreme level of greatness and dignity that these Crusaders were amenable to go to the battle for their lord or king. They were the ideal illustration of respect, fidelity and fearlessness, they learned to have no fear.

For the country they beloved, they were ready to sacrifice their lives without questioning. These altruistic acts describe the aspects of a loyal knight, there are a lot of argumentation that why someone would adopt this kind of tattoo. If you enjoy Symbolic Tattoos, the positive representation of the knight cannot be contradicted. It can show service in the armed forces, pride in representing your country of origin, or it can also be tattered to symbolize historical implication.

2) Meaning Tattoo "Knights Templar Cross":

For the Knights, the Red Cross symbolized torment and evoked to them the Sacrifice of Christ. However, a tattoo bearing the Cross of the Knights Templar is interesting to express the main qualities of the Knights Templar. A Tattoo bearing this Symbol can only give a good image of a person with a most worthy quality of devotion! This Cross has the advantage of not only symbolizing Knighthood, but also believe in God. Above all, this symbol represents the Order of the Temple, which was the most prestigious military and religious Order of the Middle Ages !

Crosses are extremely outspread tattoos due to their historical and moral greatness and there simply customizable form by reason of their deep and personal value. Among both men and women, the cross-model tattoo is a really famous design. It can be positioned practically anywhere on the body, as a part of a bigger tattoo or alone. Depending on the volume, design and else details included, the cross has come to mean plenty of distinct meanings, making it the ideal tattoo for practically everybody !

The ability to customize the design of your cross tattoo according to your own beliefs and style is one of the great things about this tattoo, the possibilities for variation are almost endless ! The design variety below show how you can simply add else aspects or personalize the cross alone to best reproduce the meaning this symbol has for you... Even if a cross alone is a fashionable choice for many.

Perhaps the most common connotation of the cross is that of a Christian and Catholic symbol. Christianity, of which Catholicism is a variant, holds the cross in high esteem, for the foundation of the religion is the crucifixion of Jesus and his resurrection from the dead. The Christian cross is often light in design, a simple T-shape, and can be made in any color you prefer. This design is the basis for many of the variations detailed below, so feel free to work with your tattoo artist to develop and customize the tattoo !

The Maltese Cross is another popular tattoo design. This rather specific cross dates back to the Crusades and evokes self-sacrifice and bravery, and is highly regarded by firefighters, police officers and members of the armed forces. These men and women use it to symbolize the dedication they demonstrate to their work, their community and their country. The cross itself is usually black and, instead of a straight "t", each and has two points that form a "v".

3) The Iron Cross and the Templars

Often confused with the Maltese Cross, the significance of the Iron Cross tattoo dates back to King Frederick William III of Prussia in the mid 1800s. The king assigned this stylized cross as a symbol of courage, and honorary reward bearing the Iron Cross was allocated to valorous crusaders meanwhile the war of liberation.

The significance of the Iron Cross is also associated with the Knights Templar. Confirmation of the usage of the Iron Cross by the Knights Templar arose in the middle 1100s. Even if it is not worn consistently, and surely not identified as their official symbol. This type of cross symbolizes harmony, conviction, serenity and security. When worn, the cross was an audacious symbol (an intense red cross on a white tunic) that describe the Knights with their devotional ideals and crusade. You're a fan of the Knights Templar ? Also you are bothered about the historical duty of the Knights Templar ? Then the Iron Cross could be a nice tattoo suggestion for you.

In closing, the Iron Cross has a multitude of meanings through plenty eras and cultures. As I ever recommend you, it is better to do some analysis on this symbol to best discern its cultural and historical value. Here is a brief article that summarizes the use of the cross in some cases in human history.

The iron cross is associated with a certain rebellious symbolism and carried by certain people, it conveys a message of nonconformity or more precisely an "F-off" message to "man" or "establishment".
Perhaps its association with Nazi Germany, which popularized the Iron Cross tattoo to more rebellious groups of people who wish to convey this nervous message. Bikers, skinheads and hardcore fans often wear the Iron Cross to put their nose in conventionalism. In this situation, the Iron Cross can as well carry a revolt in opposition to following the masses. The cross is rather a symbol expressing rage against common thinking & being militant in the pursuit of individual thought/action.

On a lighter note, the significance of the Iron Cross tattoo is redeemed when we see it in civic services to recognize bravery in service. Fire and police institutions regularly use this cross to show exemplary service and unbelievable courage on the job. In these cases, the iron cross is a symbol of the iron will be necessary to protect the community.

4) The Best Templar Tattoos for Men

Here is an overview of the best Knights Templar Tattoos you could discover on the net! Some of these Tattoos could even be mistaken for real works of art.


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