Knights Templar Rings

Discover the most beautiful Knights Templar Rings of the United States at Templar Cross® ! If you are a fan of the Order of the Knights Templar or just passionate about Knights Templar Jewellery, you will find what you need.


If you desire a Knights Templar Ring for Men, you will inevitably find the one you need to have ! You'll discover an arsenal of Steel Templar Rings. Nothing is more convincing than a Ring of the Templar Order to show your immense abnegation to the Knights Templar.


Of course, ladies, we didn't let you down ! If you're in a seductive mood and you're looking for the nice Templar ring for you, no need to go any further. You will be able to find Templar Rings with Zircons or Templar Steel Ladies Rings. Is it a surprise for Valentine's Day? Or for a birthday? This is where you'll find the ring that will please any lover of the Knights Templar. Some of them have many precious stones !


Our online store also has a wide range of Steel Templar Rings. All the rings representing honour, devotion and loyalty can be found here. There are rings for absolutely all desires:

  • Templar Cross Ring
  • Holy Sepulchre Ring
  • Ring Motto of the Templars
  • Praise The Sun Ring
  • Freemason Ring
  • Freemasons Motto Ring
  • Ring Templar Shield
  • Ring Maltese Cross

In order to find THE Templar Jewelry that will satisfy you according to your desires, you have in your possession a wide collection of beautiful rings, choose the Templar ring that suits you! Your Templar Jewel will clearly symbolize the devotion you wear within the Order of the Knights Templar.

Knights Templar Ring


We are proud to present you a large collection of Knights Templar Rings. There's something for everyone. Whether you're a young Knight kid, a old Knight, a Templar Order's fan, a Medieval fan or just a real Knights Templar, you're sure to find the perfect ring for you.


You'll find all the Templar Cross and red signet you used to see worn by Knights Templar fans. Discover high quality parts, perfectly worked finishes, precisely designed details that will amaze any templar fan.


On the ring is the cross known as Saint Benedict accompanied by several series of letters : Above PAX for Peace. This cross, symbolically, represents a protection for exorcisms and exorcisers. It is also worn by victims of great suffering. Discover our Saint Benedict Rings Right now !


Being a Freemason is to belong to a group of people who have the same values and who want to improve themselves and, in doing so, improve society. While it is not necessary to show one's membership in Freemasonry, it is not necessary to hide from it. This is why some people wear Masonic jewellery, especially signet rings on which Masonic symbols appear. Discover our Masonic rings right now !