Knights Templar Flags

Brave Conqueror ! Prepare to reclaim our lost lands with your Knights Templar Flag.

Our Knights Templar Flags

Come and join our mighty army with one of these many Knights Templar flags, to be fixed in a strategic location, to announce the color. True Knight Templar can't leave on an expedition without his banner representing the Templar Order. Nowadays, the conquest of new treasures continues on the net. So, choose your favorite decoration now !

Banner Of The Knights Templar : The Baussant

Where does the Baussant come from ? Back on an anecdote from the history of the Guides and Scouts of Europe.

The term "Baussant" dates back to the Middle Ages. "Beausséant", "baucent", "beaucéant" are some of the origins of the word. It is a standard in the world of chivalry. The meaning is "half color", but perhaps also "beautiful sign". It is a combination of white and black, usually surmounted by a red cross, in various forms according to the evolution, whose symbolism is classical and diverse: shadow and light, good and evil, humility/penitence and purity...

For the Guides and Scouts of Europe, the baussant has a particular history, linked in particular to the scouting gathering of April 1966 at Mont-Saint-Michel.

Our standard was in fact, until that date, the insignia that we wear on our sweaters: the golden fleur-de-lys on the eight-pointed cross, on a navy-blue background. During this gathering, a big game took place to present one of the symbols of our new banner. The game was built around the biblical theme of crossing the Red Sea. The symbolism of the visible universe (the Mont-Saint-Michel) and the invisible universe (the heavenly Jerusalem), which is quoted in the Creed, was associated with the colors black and white. These two worlds are also a reference to the communion of saints.

Moreover, a black and white film was to be shot on this occasion, and the red on blue would not have come out, hence the idea of a white border on the black part to better discern the cross.

The baussant was then adopted by the units as a standard and was therefore used for promise ceremonies, where the color black appeared near the staff. At the request of the unit leaders, the black and white were reversed, and our baussant has since been given its present form.

It is said that after the 1966 rally, a baussant was kept somewhere in the parish church of Mont-Saint-Michel...

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