Knights Templar Coins

Discover our humble collection of Templar coins. A little reminder, we do not sell original pieces, only replicas, which can still complete your collection. 

Our Templar Coins

If you want to get some Knights Templar Coins, you are at the right place ! Discover Templars Coins made of gold-plated and silver-plated. To complete your collection of Templars Coins, you can opt for this kind of coin ! They will only embellish your precious collection.

Indispensable to finalize your collection, our discount Templar pieces will be ideal to complete your collection. If you wish it, we have in particular a whole range of Knights Templar Patches. They too are collectible and of good quality.

Templar Coin History

A little reminder of the history of the Templar coins. The Paris money has been minting the coins of the French since the year 864. Its treasures, which belong to the heritage, and its know-how are at the origin of this collection which, from Roman times to today, retraces the History of France in about twenty coins.

The Templars coin represents a Mass of gold from the reign of Philip the Fair. At the time, it was the largest gold coin in circulation. The king was represented in majesty.

Paris Money : The Coin Known As "the Templars".

The Paris money has launched a new collection of 23 historical coins, the sale of which will contribute to the financing of the heritage restoration. Some coins are minted in the effigy of historical figures such as King Dagobert, D'Artagnan, Louis XIV, William the Conqueror, Napoleon, while others represent symbols or moments in the History of France.

For each silver coin purchased, one euro will be donated to the Heritage Foundation, thus contributing to the financing of the projects of Stéphane Bern's Mission.

One of these coins, known as "The Templars", represents a mass of gold from the reign of Philip the Fair. It was the largest gold coin in circulation at the time. The king was represented there in majesty. This coin is sold in a cardboard case illustrated with some black and white drawings. You should recognize a certain castle, located in Aveyron... On the back, a small historical text written by Stéphane Bern.

Where Can I Buy Real Templars Coins ?

The coins can be bought at the "Monnaie de Paris shop", in partner post offices and tobacconists, on numismatic sites and in certain press houses.