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Knight Tattoo Meaning

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What is the meaning of a Knight Tattoo ? What does a knight tattoo evoke ? Among the most popular medieval icons and symbols are kings, castles or knights who fought in blood. And it is precisely the latter that we are going to talk about in this article.

Today, we will try to understand more deeply what a knight tattoo means. And what it can evoke...

This type of tattoo is generally worn by men, mainly in European countries. But that doesn't mean that women can't wear one too ! Knight Tattoos are very unique and have been popular for a long time. It mainly represents knights of the Middle Ages and their time.

After reading the article in our blog, you will know a bit more about knight tattoos ! So let's get started right away !

Knight Tattoo

The Knight Tattoo and Its Meaning

In the Middle Ages, a knight was a man of noble birth, who served his king or lord in battle and was victorious. The tattoos of medieval knights represent the man or women armed with a sword or knife, naked on a horse or during one of the many battles they fought. These are some of the main meanings that can be associated with these tattoos.

The designation of knight evokes a symbol of power, nobility and heroism, symbols that have endured until today. This is why many people want to make known their fighting ability and their strength to overcome any kind of improvisation or challenge. These values are conveyed by the impressive tattoo designs of medieval knights.

Knights Tattoos

The knightly tattoo emphasizes that the owner stands before the blows of fate, that he is able to endure strong physical pain, that he is ready to participate in fights and that he often emerges victorious. With its impressive appearance and its chivalrous and noble code, it is still fascinating today. Historical accounts of crusades and wars as well as legends such as the legend of King Arthur's Round Table still inspire men in search of honor, duty and brilliant battles. The owners of these ink drawings are also lovers of medieval times and fantasy.

Knight Tattoos are very unique and have been popular for a long time. It mainly represents knights of the Middle Ages and their time. Those tattoos are usually done on men and very rare on women. The knight tattoo decoration is always rendered very rich and distinctive and this is possibly the reason that it is so attractive. It is represented with various symbols, clothing and weapons and requires many basic details. Knight tattoos are mostly part of the large tattoo designs and are always designed in large sizes.


Temporary Tattoo Knight Templar


If someone is thinking about loyalty and honor on a tattoo, a Knight Tattoo may be the best option. They are always considered to be the symbol of loyalty because they are very loyal to their master. Most European countries prefer these knight tattoos. They can be designed in different ways and with different perspectives and offer the wearer a multitude of options. From childhood, we hear about knights and the different stories about them. They are seen as warriors in armor in the service of the Lord or the King. Those who became knights at that time trained from childhood to gain experience.

In the time of kings, knights were the ultimate example of respect, loyalty and courage. They never feared what they had to do. They were so devoted to their kings that they even gave their lives to save the king. If you put all these selfless actions together in one place and think about it, you will find the answer to the question of why knight tattoos are so popular. But now you should know the reasons why you should choose a knight tattoo for yourself.

Knight Tattoo

The knight tattoo can represent the knight with a variety of different weapons, symbols and clothing. Since it requires a lot of detail, it is usually designed to be large and can be found on the back, arm or chest. There are different variations of knights and you can have the one you like the most made. The favorite is the knight angel that has two wings on his back. Some people depict the knight as if he were in a storm, perhaps with dark clouds or lightning. This kind of drawing can symbolize death, misery or evil. Other miscellaneous objects can also be added to the tattoo design, such as a lion or a rose, to give meanings from a different angle.

It is more appropriate to represent the tattoo of the knight in black color. Black is more attractive on the skin. Be creative and use the colors you want. Although most tattoos also use red, you can choose your own color and symbol. Some of the most remarkable designs we can find on the web by simply doing a search or by taking a look at the gallery that accompanies this article includes warriors in battle or in battle positions. On the other hand, the arms, back or legs are the places on the body most chosen by people who want to be tattooed in this way.

Knight Tattoos

There are several reasons to choose a knight tattoo. If you look at the symbolic part of meaning and importance, you will find that knight tattoos are very rich in symbolic meanings. Even if you think about the attractiveness of the design, you will find that knight tattoos are really very attractive and look amazing. If the design is detailed and unique, it will obviously attract attention. Many military men and women look at knight tattoos. In return, knight tattoos should carry the historical significance of the Knights and the Middle Ages.

The designs of the knight tattoos can be designed with other different objects to make them more attractive and surprising. Armor and swords are two common weapons that add to the image of a knight. This gives the tattoo a wilder look. These are different meanings that are associated with the Ritter Tattoo Designs, which we are talking about here. Value, respect, loyalty, courage, pride, nobility, war, wealth, these are the basic meanings that should be associated with knight tattoos. In fact, the purpose of the tattoo depends on the user.

Knight Tattoo

There are actually several variations of knights and you can do the one you like the most. Preferably the knight angel that has two wings on his back. It's a good idea to show the knight tattoo in black. Black is more attractive on the skin. Various other objects can also be added to the tattoo design, such as lions or pink to divert the meaning from a different angle. All these patterns can be used as inspiration for your next tattoo. Don't worry about the design, because we have created a beautiful and amazing collection of knight tattoos for everyone.

Knighthood in the Middle Ages

The institution of chivalry may have disappeared, even before the end of the Old Regime, but the knighthood remains, not only in medieval Western literature, but in all modern literature. The idea of the knight, even outside its history, is an element of universal culture and a superior type of humanity. If it no longer corresponds to the realities existing in institutions, it nevertheless expresses, in the form of symbols, a certain number of values. The chivalric ideal would be summed up as an agreement of absolute loyalty to the beliefs and commitments to which all life is subject, and it expresses a rejection of the ambient corruption, especially in its aspect of crime, from which its followers are not, however, perfectly exempt.

Knight Armor

Violent, brutal, sensual, coarse, impatient, knights are not flawless models; some of them, however, show great refinement in relation to the customs of their time, which they help to soften. If the Knight Symbol is completely internalized, i.e., if it only relates to spiritual conflict, as certain authors claim, it tends to be confused with that of the saint, and in this sense we can cite the examples of Saint Louis and Saint Ignatius of Loyola, but it also loses all specific meaning if it is identified with that of the king. Rather, he must be characterized as the master of his mount, which can be, of course, his horse, his own self, or the king's service, or devotion to the chosen lady, or the exercise of an office, or the conduct of war, etc.

This mastery, which consists in the exact possession of the means necessary for the ends pursued, is accompanied by a kind of mystical gift to a superior being : God, the king, the fatherland, the lady, the service, etc., and the knight is not a sovereign, he is a servant and is realized in action for a great cause.
The symbol of the knight is part of a combat complex and an intention of spiritualization of the combat, and this spiritualization is realized either by the choice of a higher cause, or by the choice of noble means, or by admission to an elite society, or by seeking an extraordinary leader, to whom one wishes to swear allegiance. His dream of chivalry is characterized by a very high moral character and a sense of sacredness, and he fights against all forces of evil, including the institutions of society, when they seem to him to violate his inner requirements. The patron saint of knights is the Archangel St. Michael, who has distinguished himself in his fight against the devil, whom he defeats, and against the army of evil that he defeats.

The Qualities of the Knight

  • Loyalty

The knight must always be faithful to his comrades in arms. Whether it is for hunting, for war or against an enemy, the knight must be present in combat until the end with his companions.

  • Prowess

The knight must be ready and possess great vigor in combat. Soul strength is also very important to fight the formidable opponents and enemies he may encounter during his quests. He must fight them in the service of justice and the Code of Knighthood.

  • Wisdom

The knight must be wise and sensible in order to prevent the knighthood or armada from falling into savagery and disorder. The knight must control his anger and hatred. He must remain in control of himself at all times.

  • Courtesy

The knight must be courteous to his fellow man, even if he is an enemy. He must show respect if he wants to be respected.

  • Justice

The knight must always choose the right path without being bothered by personal interests. Justice by the sword can be horrible, so humility and mercy must temper the knight's justice.

  • Defense

A knight should protect his lord and those who rely on him. He must always defend his guild, his subordinates and those close to him.

  • Courage

A knight must choose the most difficult path and not the one guided by personal interests or revenge. He must be willing to make sacrifices. He must be in search of the ultimate truth and justice of his code.

  • Faith

The knight must have faith in his Code and in his companions to keep hope.

  • Humility

The knight should not brag about his exploits, but rather let others do it for him. He must spread the exploits of others before his own in order to give them the fame they deserve.

  • Franchise

The knight must speak as sincerely as possible.

Here are the best Knight Tattoos :

To finish this article in beauty, we have concocted a great list of the most beautiful Knight Tattoos that we could find on the net !

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    Very awesome looking tattoo’s ! I have been a Knights Templar now for several years. I have completed my studies and have taken my oath of service to God and to humanity. I am associated with the Rosalyn Priory in Edinburgh Scotland. Great article and pic’s ! I enjoy your site and have purchased from you. Please keep up the good work and let this be spread far and wide !

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